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Hi all,

This question doesn't pertain to me, but my 23 year old sister. I don't know quite where to begin... I think she had been fighting a persistant UTI for a month or so, but since she lives at the opposite end of the state from me, I'm not entirely sure how long it's been or what. Anyway, she called me up on Saturday saying she had checked herself into the emergency room because she was "peeing blood". At the time, I thought she just meant that she had a bad UTI and there were traces of blood in her urine (I had this happen once... Pain!) but no, she meant she was urinating a *lot* of blood. At any rate, the hospital ran a CT scan of her kidneys and gave her the vague diagnosis of having "matter" in one of her kidneys. At which point they admitted her, gave her a shot of morphine and hooked her into a saline drip. Then, six hours later, she calls back a second time and says she's been discharged, still with no firm diagnosis of what's happening to her kidneys, and given a strong antibiotic. The doctors said they'd give her a call on Monday (yesterday) to tell her what the probelm was and what she should do about it. In the meantime, she flew up here to stay with us. However, no one called yesterday and she continues to lose a lot of blood with every trip to the bathroom (I haven't confirmed this visually, so I'm just taking her word for it). She told me that the blood is "chunky" and she thinks (or was told) that it was the lining of her bladder being passed.

Anyway, we're at a loss to explain what's happening to her. Does anyone know anything about this sort of thing? She's not in terrible pain, but she's not feeling all that hot, either. Her back does ache (obviously, kidney related pain), too. She's not had any injuries that might explain this. The only thing that I can think of is the UTI she had a little while ago, but this seems rather extreme to be just a UTI.

Help? I'm going out of my mind with worry!!!