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I feel so bad for you. I know how it is as my grandmother passed away 6 years ago from exactly what your father is experiencing. We had a very hard time making the right decision.
My grandmother was 89 when she passed, but started showing signs of Alzheimers years before. In her last months she was bed-ridden, did not recognize any family members, could not speak and was being fed with a tube. On a Friday night in September, she vomitted in her sleep and it went into her lungs. This caused the pnemonia.
She was so sick and soooo bad we made the family decision to call the doctor to have him make her as comfortable as possible. They gave her oxygen and a morphine patch. The feeding tube was removed. We could tell she was miserable (very difficult breathing) and gasped for every breath. She died that Sunday.
It was very hard to watch her go through it, but her life had no quality any longer and had she been able to talk, she would have wanted us to let her go. I pray for you and your family as I know how hard it is.