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Hi there, I have chronic cardiac pain and I am allergic to most pain killers. My pain Consultant put me on Duragesic patches and to tell the truth they have cut my attednaces to hiospital down drastically. There are sometimes I have to go to A&E for i.v Morphine.

This has caused me to be treated as a drugs addict by some doctorsn of which is untrue and a slur against me.

I have the suuport of my G.P. but he cannot help me as soon as I go through the hospital doors he can't.

Many times I have felt like ripping the patch off and throwing it away.
I feel like baning my head of a brick wall, and it has brought me to tears when people who are meant to respect you and help you accuse you of being into drugs.

Duragesic is a fantastic evalution in pain medication. :)