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I agree with the prior poster that it sounds like you are suffering from anxiety attacks from worrying about the burst cycst. However, the pain should be letting up and if it isn't you may want to get a second opinion. I was told by the ER that I had a ovarian cyst and they gave me a shot of demerol and sent me home. The next day I still felt like I was dying and went to see my pcp dr. He could see the intense pain I was in and immediatly admitted me to the hospital and carried me to the ER and admitted me through there. I was given morphine for pain control and had a scan done. I had emergency surgery because my right felopian tube had twisted 3x and cut off all blood to my overy and killed it. They removed the overy and tube. My dr couldn't believe that I had walked around for 3 days like that and that they didn't do further testing the night before in the ER. So sometimes second opinions are needed. I hope you find relief soon.