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hello everyone, ive been using methadone as a chronic pain patient for over three years. my pain doc has suggested switching to a long acting morphine product, kadian or ms contin. does anyone know the conversions of 60 mgs a day of methadone to either of the morphine products. any suggestions on which is better or works the best. i'm fearfull for one reason . about three years ago she switched me from 40mgs of methadone and a 75mg patch of fent. to 60 mgs of methadone. i'll never addmit to this day that this was an equal trade. i've never regained the original pain relief from before. now she's talking about switching to the morphine products. i feel an increase in the methadone , maybe 10-20 mgs will do it, but she insists we're heading towards tollerance problems. i don't agree after three years an icrease of the methadone will probably do it. question again? what's the conversion of 60mgs of methadone to either kadian or ms contin and which works the best compared the methadone?? thanks