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Snowmelts - I too am very very scared of this disease. I took care of my elderly Mom until she passed away. She had severe osteo. She lost 6" in height, broke her sternum, multiple compression fractures, etc. She took morphine every 4 hours for pain. Yes, I am scared as I am only 48 and my spine is already very affected. If Foxomax does not give you side effects and improves your dexa scores, I would not hesitate to take it. I took it for 3 years and stopped due to severe joint pain. It is so hard to know what to believe, I cannot take calicum as my intestines do not tolerate it. I may look into Forteo soon, the drug does scare me but bone loss scares me much more.... I have the book about the myths of osteo. and some of it I want to believe but I also think that not all drugs are dangerous but every drug can be dangerous to some people. Osteoporosis may be over diagnosed now but I am really not sure. I was told when I was around 20 that I had the bones of an 80 year old, so where would that leave me now??? My internist at that time told me not to worry as it was normal for me. Well, we now know that is not true. Good luck, and if you look long enough into any drug or any disease, it can scare the pants off you but nothing scares me more than ending up like my poor Mom who I miss dearly.