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Hi Louise, I have afriend in the same spot. He owns and runs a small home improvement co but has no insurance and needs a hip replaced. He's done the iternet thing, where meds are simply bought and shipped at outragous prices, 300 bucks for 60 or 90 pills. He's also tried more legal methods on the internet called telemedicine, where a local doc does an exam that works with a doc on the internet, the local doc sends a report to the Internet doc and he sends 60-90 hydrocodne products, but pays 300-400 dollars for each script of 60 -90 pills, part of which is the local eval.

The plain ordering of meds is very risky, you don't know if it's a college kid in montana raking in cash offering Oxycontin that is never delieverd to desperate chronic pain patients and drug addicts, which actually happened. You don't know if meds are even coming from the US. I read a report about discount meds ordered from canada. It turned out the meds did not come from canda, the IP address was in Balise, the meds came from Singapore and when tested for purity and efficacy, many of the meds had less than half the amount of active ingredient and who knows what as flillers.

Anyone offering schedule 11 meds like OxyContin is a con. It is completely illegal to sell class 11 meds like, oxycodone products, morphine, methadone, duragesic or amphetamines and ship them across borders and state lines even under the guidlines of telemedicine which is legitmate if done corectly with a doc eval, and records being kept and diagnostics being sent to the providor of meds. I've yet to see anyone get more than 60-90 pills and they are paying top street dollar for hydrocodone products this way.

Be very careful and honestly, if you have the cash or credit to pay 300-400 bucks for s single script of 60 pills, you likely could afford Insurance of some sort or simply pay cash to a local doctor. If your going to pay 300 a month to do telemedicine, there are certainly cheaper optons once you get past the diagnostic and initial consults.

Once in with a good PM doc or even a GP willing to help, you talking 60-70 dollar office visits and and then finding the best deal you can with the medications. You won't find a good deal on meds at the big retail chains that depend on a 3000% mark up to put a walgreens or Rite aid or CVS on every corner in town. The buying clubs are a great savings and you don't have to be a mebnber a to use the parmacy. You can also get very good prices from local mom and pop pharamcies. So always shop price and I really don't see the savings of Internet medicine.

Aside from cost, ending up payng 6-7 bucks per lortab or vicodin, you have to make the meds last from one script to the next. Physical dependence on opiates can and will occur with continued use and withdrawal is no fun. If you eat 60-90 pills in 2-3 weeks, I would expect to experience some withdrawal and then you end up missing work, making the whole deal even more costly. Usng the Internet to suplement what a doc is prescribing is illegal and falls under doc shopping.

Even though we all here ER's can't turn you away, they are in no way obliged to send you off with a script for opiates. If they figure you need them you might get few days worth to cover you untill you get to a specialist or back to your GP. It's hardly worth an ER visit to get a script for 12 Darvecet or 10 Vicodin.
Good luck, Dave