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Not sure if it is. The only 2 hematomas I ever had was in my mouth from the dentist. Same dentist and same side of mouth. My whole mouth swelled up. Started from my cheekbone over to my earlobe down under my chin by the lymph nodes and then teh rest of my cheek. The first one was that bad casue I went to the gym right after the dentist. I never gave the blood time to clot. Although in my defense I never knew I had one as I will still numb. I sure found out after I got home though. I ended up going to the Er that night cause I was in so much pain. It felt like there wasn't any more room for my skin to stretch but up it still did. They put me on Meperidine for a week.

Anyhoo mine was a hot to the touch like it had a fever in it. It was hard and really swollen from the blood that clotted and the blood that was still oozing. The second one was the same but alot smaller. Picture a kiwi cut in half long wayas and placed on your skin. Of course flesh color, hot to the touch and that was how my second was.

They Er doc said he could drain it but there was a chance of him in the process of draining it that I would get another from the hole he would be putting in So I popped thoses pills and toughed it out. I later found out that the pills were the next best thing to morphine.