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Hobbling off to try that now ... what a good idea !!

Ended up calling the ambulance for FIL .. well, he was home for exactly ONE week ... and the ambo who came saw me hobbling around and said ..................

"Ah ........... wry neck" .........

and I've gone "what the......?" and he said "bad pillows ... the pain goes from here ... to here doesn't it?" .. talk about exact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always trusted nurses and ambo's more than doctors ......... there's a reason for that, they see the people wayyyyyyyy more often ....

And .. I believe .. this is also somewhat stress related ... MIL was verbally attacking daughter No. 1 (got her in tears) .. it's hard trying to make a 12 year old understand it's not personal ... *sigh* .....

I'm on valium for the neck, and it's not touching the sides .. am taking an endone (morphine) tonight and knock myself silly because I won't have to get up to FIL tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs .. cheers ..........dragging self off to bed ...... (even if the original King and I is on Telly, I love that show, but bed is winning)

HI again, just a quick stop by

My neck has been awful. They've had me on morphine, valium, iboprufen which didn't even touch the sides. I asked my husband to buy me some mersyndol (used to work for my migraines by relaxing my neck muscles and making me sleep) and I could at least walk around for 1/2 hour ...

Been trying to knock down the med's over yesterday and today, but I still need to see the local GP .. general consensus is this is probably a major stress attack, but one has to be careful.

FIL is in the private hospital, and not a happy camper cause I can't come and help look after him. He rang me on his first night having a breathing episode, at that same moment, I had my 13yo son having a 'spack attack' and had locked himself in the bathroom, and I totally totally totally cracked it, screamed, jumped up and down and walked out. Got in the car .. raced to the hospital (sore neck and corners make for interesting driving) got to his room only to find out ................. FIL was just over his attack.

I could have smacked him too.

Got home 1/2 hour later with instructions from FIL's nurses to GO HOME AND REST FOR GOD'S SAKE ...... to a quiet and subdued household .... hubby put the fear of God into them about Mummy's heart condition .......... it might have helped that I said I was ready to go to my mothers for an extended stay too .. LOL

Anyway .... can't sit much longer, it hurts ... the other BIL is in town and we had a quick catch up with them last night (MIL had made up FIL's bed and was quite insistant that they stay - when they told her numerous times they can't) ..and when they came upstairs to say hello, she followed (can't let Sally talk) and sat next to me and tsk'ed tsk'ed at my invalid'ness then left. BIL and SIL patted me on the leg (don't touch the neck, don't TOUCH the neck ...) and they will take MIL bowling this morning and come back and chat with me quietly. They will also be coming for dinner so at 7.47am, I am cooking 2 roast chickens!!!

Thanks for your concern ... I've been feeling guilty I haven't been able to sit long enough to formulate a proper response or update.

Hugs ... back to normal soon (Oh I hope .. I HOPE)

Hi Sally -

Good to hear from you - so very sorry to hear you're "stove up". It must be awful to not be relieved by morphine and the rest of the stuff. Have you thought of taking your migraine med. and then a massage?

It is amazing what stress can do. When our younger son was 5 years old, he had major surgery that was to last 6 to 8 hours. Within 1 hour of the surgery starting, I had such tremendous pain under my right ribs that I could not sit still. I took aspirin every hour and walked the hospital halls endlessly in unrelieved pain. The surgery took much longer than anticipated, but Robby did well. As soon as I saw him in Recovery, my pain disappeared. Go figure.

Hope 13 year old son has learned his lesson, at least for a while. You know, we have 2 sons that have reached 25 and 20 years of age - and not without moments of duress. I have to laugh every time I remember a sign I read that said "Raising teenagers is like trying to nail jello to a tree." Another said, "Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your kids when they were teens." Good luck! It isn't easy being a parent. I did figure out that babies are so sweet and cute just so you love them and are really attached to them by the time they get older and so very annoying!

FIL is in the care of the nurses. When he calls you, you call the nurses and you stay home. I am one, so I can say that!!

Any chance of MIL going home with BIL and SIL for a week or two????

By the way, this is a guilt-free zone. Post when you can. Don't give it a thought when you cannot. No guilt allowed!

Take good care of yourself - you're important. You deserve good care.

very gentle (((hugs))) Barbara :wave: