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HI all

Well, I had my fortnightly visit with my GP over our concerns of my rising BP. We discovered today there has been NO change. It's still, after 6 weeks sitting on 160/90 (it was 140/100 before that) .. so now he's got me on a mild fluid tablet as well as an ACE inhibitor as well as the Blood pressure tablet.

I be fair rattling girls!! Now I'll be Mrs. Peabody too !!!

Ok .. so .. this week, we've had FIL in hospital, me with a painful stiff neck, on mega doses of muscle relaxants and even a morphine derivative at one stage and the blood pressure is still up.

Then he asked how I was coping, so I caught him up with the weeks past events of visiting BIL and SIL, their findings, their attempt to make FIL realise that MIL is too much for me .. about FIL wanting my kids to do more (like NO NO NO ...) .. about FIL wanting to die at home and reluctant (and that's being mild) about putting MIL in ANY kind of care (inside or outside the home) ....

But the bottom line is : the doctor, on his next home visit, is going to tell FIL that if this situation keeps going, Sally is going to crack and that something needs to be put in place BEFORE that happens. He's hoping that coming from an outsider, it might be more influencial than hearing it from family members.

I've also been given a priority list:

[*]Alan and Kids
[*]and LAST on the list is MIL


Take away Sally, and what have you got? A huge crash .....
Ok .. I'm not putting ticket's on myself and I'm not trying to make myself look indispensable, what I am trying to do is tell myself (and you, the reader) that we too have limits and by stretching them we're letting ourselves down and our immediate family.

My problem is I'm not strong enough to actually say to FIL "your on your own, I can't do this" .. because he IS paying school fees ($3,500) and we are living here rent free (average rent in this town now for a 3 bedroom house is $250 -- obviously some lower $230, and lots higher!!) and now-a-days we can't afford it ... I daresay we could try, but financially it wouldn't be pretty. We're not surviving now finanancially .. because of the extra cost of food, plus we pay our way with telephones and electricity (probably more than our fair share, but nobody will call me a bludger) ...

Now I know I've been told this before, and your all probably nodding going "well DUH Sal" but I'm discovering (only just mind you) that I'm not superwoman. I thought I was. I'm also realising I CANNOT do it all. I thought I could. Boy was I wrong. But on the up side .. I am doing my best and unfortunately for others, I'm going to have to be creative and not quite do my best and make others stand up and take a turn.

I've given myself a goal. 3 months. That means we've been here a year. After that, I will attempt to resign. (meaning attempt, because I'm not good at throwing in the towel). EVERYBODY except FIL believes this is an unreasonable life we are living. EVERYBODY is telling me it's wrong, but NOBODY is willing to fix it or assist with it. (Although BIL's girlfriend DID drive MIL home today .. which was a blessing, I actually got to visit with some friends I haven't seen).

I'm rambling ... but needed to get this down quickly .....