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Hi fellow hippies. As you know I am new to the forum. I read some of your postings but not all. I hope Wigs and Hip2it are okay. Is Wigs from or living in the UK? My husband is from the UK.

I was wondering if anyone else had their prothesis fitted and not cemented in? I am 46 and had a total hip replacement on 3/1/05. Back in 12/03 I thought I had a pulled groin muscle. After 7 months of limping & complaining I was finally referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. To my shock and horror he advised me I had AVN. After the third opinion it was decided that total hip replacement was the only solution and in both hips. I am "highly sensative" to all pain meds so no relief for the entire year and 3 months. In the hospital and after I didn't need any and refused all pain meds. I asked for Tylenol but was told it damaged the kidneys, but morphine was okay. The pain mgmt doc got down right obnoxious about it. But while I was in the hospital a lady next door screamed in pain the whole time. I was told she was a young women who had her hip replaced by the same doctor and was in for her 7th dislocation. Scary!! But prior to surgery when I cked out my doc I found he was the best in my area. Because of my age he fitted the prosthesis instead of cementing it so I was only allowed to put 20 lbs on my leg while walking on one of those lovely wheeled walkers for over 2 months. He advised me it takes a minimum of 8 months for it to heal properly and I must follow all restrictions for the rest of my life! My scar is 14" long, he told my husband I had a rather "large _ _ _". But I had told him that all along and he didn't believe me.

It's been 3 1/2 months and I still get ALOT of swelling if I walk to much or sit in an uncomfortable chair. I also have alot of muscle pain and pain just below the sciatic notch like a huge sandspur when I sit and sharp hot pin ***** pain around the scar, although it has healed on the outside quite nicely.

My PT was stopped prior to being taken off the walker so I have no clue of what I can and can't do when it comes to PT except the exercises I did then, which were all on the bed. You all seem to be so helpful to everyone do you have any suggestions for me? Am I being impatient?

Are we really restricted for the rest of our lives or was my doctor just being a pain. He is a funny guy and sometimes I don't know when he is serious.

Silver, have a wonderful trip. It sounds great!

I'll try not to be so long in the future.
Greetings hippie hipsters. Welcome to our ever-growing group, pach. It sounds like you've been through alot. It's ridiculous that they would offer you morphine but not tylenol. I took only tylenol for pain when I got home after the THR. I think you have to take tons of it over a long period to do harm. There will be discomfort for awhile, but you should be starting to feel better and more able to do things. Are you driving, walking for exercise? Maybe you should contact the PT and get some strengthening exercises that you can do at this point in your recovery. It's so important to keep moving. You can tell from our past posts that sitting is the worst for discomfort and stiffness. Good luck and keep posting with any questions and updates on your progress.
MrsLinda, It does seem like your Dr. is being pro-active and is willing to go further if nececessary to get to the root of the pain. Hopefully, within the next two months, you will feel improvement and won't need the dreaded injections. I wonder what is in the injection? Well it's off to make dinner. I'll check in later...balleteach
Hi everyone; I had an interview yesterday. Made the mistake of wearing a 1 1/2" heal, dr sd I cld wear 2". The people at that ofc must have been shocked at how fast the right side of my rear end enlarged. I can't blow up a balloon as fast as that swelled...moral to the story flat shoes will have to do! So I'm off to shop on my scooter for more flat professional looking shoes. I never swelled much from any injury my entire life, and I have had alot from skating in compition, fx elbow, wrist, face... and now I am suddenly the puff queen, not to mention the add'l pain and the embarrasment of turning from a double wide to a triple wide in minutes!

Balleteach - I'm an indiopathic kind of person. When I was in for my THR they kept me 4 extra days because they discovered my right lung is paralized and now I have tachycardia all post surgery dx with no known cause. I just figure my body is rebelling against me for some past torture I put it through!

Hi Wigs - I kept asking if the THR was necessary too after the surgery between breaths refusing the morphine drip. From what he told my husband and family it was way past necessary. That may explain why I am having so much trouble now. My dad broke his hip and had it replaced 10 years ago. He insist I should be fine by now and thinks my dr doesn't know what he is doing. But all my research and invesitigations showed him as one of the best in the U.S. But as far as being awake for surgery, my husband severed his achilles tendon in a work accident. They had to use a spinal because he had eaten lunch prior to the accident. But the add'l drugs they gave him kept him from being aware or remembering any of it. The Dr said my husband talked the whole time cracking jokes that most of them didn't understand because of his English humor and accent.

Well, I'm off. Everyone have a wonderful painfree day.
Hi everyone;

I just posted on the intro board!

Happy Birthday Linda! I hope you have a great day! I do try to be careful but sometimes bend way too far! I do not feel most of my complications are due to the surgey, just my body being ornery! I have bent way more than 90 not thinking a few times and had no problem. But I try to be careful. The concept of sleeping with a pillow between your legs works when I first go to sleep but ends up in the outer banks during the night. I have actually strapped it to my leg but when I had to get up in the night it was a real trip trying to walk to the bathroom half out of it with a pillow strapped to my leg. Close your eyes and picture it!

Greg; I was not too thrilled about my hip either. I kept telling myself I could stand the pain. I can only take Tylenol and Ibuprofen. All other pain meds make me ill to say the least. When I had my surgery I had total confidence in my surgeon. I only spoke with 3 Ortho's but he made me so comfortable I stuck with him. I had to put off my surgery for 3+ add'l months because of an insurance change and was lucky that was all since he is so busy. But when I had the surgery from the first moment I woke after surgery I refused the morphine pump and all other pain meds. The anesthesiologist used morphine in my spinal so I spent the night with an emesis basin and a ticked off night nurse. None of the Dr's or nurses could believe I kept refusing the meds. Finally they sent a Pain Mgmt Dr to defeat my battle against the pain meds, I refer to him as Dr. Napolean, He put me on some antiseizure meds, an anti-nausea meds and methadone for pain. I tried it once and actually had more pain and of course nausea. I refused the methadone from then on. The pain after surgery was so much less than I had gone through before that I didn't need it. I did ask for Tylenol for pain but got refused because it can damage the kidneys. Just make sure the surgeon is good and you can talk to him.

Wigs - What part of the UK are you from? Did the doctors ever tell you what caused you to need the THR. The problem I have AVN or ON (avascular necroses or osteonecroses) effects people between the ages of 20 - 45 yrs. I mentioned the causes on a previous post. But it is getting very common. I've got some gadgets but nothing for shaving my legs or cutting my toe nails. I hope my husband doesn't get cut by the claws or grossed out by the inch long hair on my legs. Maybe he will like being married to ape woman! Or maybe I can get a job in the circus.

Speaking of jobs. I'm off to see if the circus is hiring. Have a good painfree day!
Hi all. Checking in nearly 4 weeks after my operation. All went well, and I would have posted before now, but I must confess that I forgot the Healthboards URL, and it was only last weekend that I was able to call into work to get the URL off my work PC.

Thanks for your support Ripanco and Ken – I really appreciate it.

My operation was on Wed 14 Dec, and I was in the theatre for about 4 hours. Although the surgeon said later that he had thought it touch and go as to whether I could sustain resurfacing, it turned out fine on both hips. Evidently I coped well with the operation and did not need a transfusion. As my red cell count dropped from 14 to 10 (whatever the units are) I was then put on iron supplements.

As I had both hips done it was the second day after the operation before I tried to get out of bed. Two attempts in the morning were followed by successfully standing in the afternoon. The next day I took a couple of steps with a walking frame, and two days after that moved to forearm crutches – much better than the frame. The wounds healed well with no infection, and over the course of the first week I learnt to get in and out of bed myself, have a shower myself and commence the physiotherapy. I'm glad that my upper body strength was sufficient to fully raise myself from the bed using the dangling triangle. It would have been very difficult if I couldn't do that.......

The staples came out on day 7, and I was allowed to go home on day 8. I think that the final test was showing that I could self inject the Fragmin that I needed to take for 20 days after going home. While the surgeon had said 10 days in hospital, the hospital itself expected me to be there for 8 days. I think that the surgeon was being conservative, so I would feel good if getting out in 8 days, but not disappointed if it was a bit longer than that.

Pain? No pain!! The hospital had made clear that all pain relief up to self administered morphine was on offer, but I didn’t need that. Took panadiene forte for a couple of days, then dropped to straight panadiene, more as a preventative rather than because I really needed it.

Having got home after 8 days, the progress has been steady each day. I have been careful to do the sets of exercises that I was given, and will be seeing both the surgeon and the physio. for the first time this Thursday. It really is remarkable how I can tell the difference between the two legs when doing my exercises. My right hip was the first one that went, and so over time I favoured that side. Though the left deteriorated at the end, there is still more residual muscle on that side. I can tell that the exercises are reviving muscle on the left, and starting to build muscle on the right ( which will be a much slower process).

So, just before 4 weeks, I can walk around the house without crutches – although I do use them mostly when walking from one ond of the house to the other. I have to sleep on my back, which does create problems in that I wake every 1-2 hours and have to stretch my legs before getting back into bed and having another stint. But there is no pain in the joints as there was previously.

Last weekend my wife took our daughter to relatives on the south coast overnight, so I took the opportunity to drive into work to get the URL. Getting into and out of the car needed care but was OK, and driving was no problem at all! Although my wife was not impressed when she found out…….

Happy New Year everyone