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As I was reading all of this, I was thinknig of my husband and his brother when they were in the hospital.

My husband....2 years ago, he had a second hip replacement surgery. The first hip replacement was done under general anesthesia and morphine given intraveniously afterwards. This one was done with a spinal tap. After he got out of recovery, his stomach started hurting and he was bloating. I think you may have guessed it. He couldn't pee and they forgot to put a catheter in! He was in the hospital for five days and I stayed there every minute except to go home to take a shower and change and bring my son up to see him.

My BIL....had a seizure and was banging his head on concrete so bad that though he hit only the front of his head, the back of his brain was bruised from the force. His forehead looked HORRIBLE! He was in a drug induced coma until the swelling began to go down. His head was so badly injured that he had to learn to walk and talk and everything else again.

I went to visit him often after I got off work. After he came out of the coma, they had a therapist come in and do all sorts of exercizes with him to strengthen his muscles. They had someone come in ONCE A DAY to teach him to eat again. I would try to help him if I was there at mealtime but what about the rest of the time? Well, I came in about 2pm one day to find Don's BREAKFAST on the FLOOR! And lots of DRIED UP pee on his bed! I lost it with those nurses! How could they expect him to eat on his own when they KNEW he had to have help??? He could barely hold a spoon much less bring it to his mouth! And did they not know that he would be upset if he was hungry and saw a tray of food and couldn't eat it??? After I got through with those nurses (the whole floor heard me), they made certain that someone was there at each and every meal to help him eat. They even stopped in every once in a while with snacks for him and changed the linens right away when they were soiled. Good that they started taking care of him. But bad that I had to threaten to write the president of the hospital/university board and give him names and dates of what transpired.

My husband and BIL have made full recoveries. My BIL has since been diagnosed as bipolar. I believe that's a result of injuring his brain. It definitely changed his personality forever.

Love, Barb