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Hi all,

I just recently had a four day hospital stay due to an extremely bad sore throat an inner ear pain. It was deduced (FINALLY) that it was a very deep infection down in the soft tissue of my throat, just under my glands.
I was given the antibiotic Una-cin (not sure of that spelling) to heal it. I was also given steroid shots and a morphine drip while I was there for both the pain and swelling.
I am out now, and back to the working world, and I am on a liquid antibiotic called Augmentin (I think. I am at work, if that is wrong I will correct myself at home.) I was given Roxicet for the pain, but am not taking it.
My question is: I am having really bad tooth pain. I don't know if it is a side effect of the drug, or if it is because I was brushing my teeth with whatever they had at the hospital, or what? But when I bite down on something, there is a lot of pain. There is a little bit of sensitivity, but more pain when I bite on harder things (when I bite on anything, really) than anything else.
Has anyone ever heard of this?

Thanks much!!