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For the longest time this has been going on but after I eat...my upper right side and in my back hurt a lot. I feel like I am bloated . The only time I don't feel this is when I don't eat at all. Even with soda or milk this happens. I went to the hospital and stayed for four days. They did all kinds of gallbladder tests and stomach tests. They stated my white blood cell count was elevated but nothing was wrong with my gall bladder...They gave me Ranitidine and Protonix but it does not help with anything. While I was at the hospital they were more concered that they found a cist on my left ovarie and they told me that my uterus had a wall going right down the middle of it . To be honest they didn't really tell me much of anything. Just left with a huge hospital bill and now dealing with coming off of morphine to fast I guess. I am not sure who to turn to or who can help . Would the cist and my uterus have anything to do with the pains I have after I eat? Please if anyone is going threw the same please help me out here because I can't eat at all and I have been to two hospitals with no results...They both say the same thing. It sounds like your gall bladder but they don't find any gall stones...and just load me up on morphine . This is ruining my life...some one please let me know if you know how to make this stop. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: