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I have a 24 year old who overdosed on fentanyl pain patches June 12 2005 ,by the time we found him he had already had a stroke ,and was having siezures continuosly . We called the ambulance he was transported to an intensive care unit in a bigger town , he had a heart attack in ICU (24 yrs old )so two days later he still had not woke up and was going down hill quickly so he was life flighted to a traume center where he was diagnosed brain dead. Praise God he woke up 6 days later but he is paralyzed from the stroke . It was the worst thing I have seen in my life and my scariest also , he is my baby brother and he almost died . He is addicted oxy/morphine/pain patches but has no reason to take it other than the addiction . He buys these drugs from people off the streets who are prescribed this medication, It really amazes me that people go to the doctor, get drugs legally to sale them to kids that do not need them. How would these people feel if it was one of thier kids, brother ,sister,ect..... Its sad I hope he is done with drugs but who knows he has been a junkie for three years . Please tell me your opinions on these dope dealers and how they should be dealt with. :angel:
I think I see both sides of this. While it is true that we addicts are ultimately to blame for our condition, there are countless cases in which pharma companies market new drugs as nonaddictive and then find out that they are. Not that I think it's deliberate. It does seem reasonable that they would add an ingredient like what is in suboxone or subutex (don't remember) that prevents its abuse. I'm surprised that the DEA doesn't require it. Though I don't know how much that would add to the cost. Also, many of these drugs are off patent, so I wonder how much marketing is really going on.

I think physicians do need to be more diligent. I know vicodin is addictive, but I have never had a physician warn me about that when prescribing. And as a chronic pain sufferer, I found I was not able to get sufficient pain management from my docs. After an excruciating procedure in the hospital, my doc sent me into recovery with 10 mg of vicodin. The nurses could not get him to approve something stronger (it was their idea to ask, not mine, when they saw me writhing).

It seems like docs swing between extremes, keeping my sister on morphine in the hospital when she was vomiting constantly and asking to be taken off, because pain hinders recovery. But then if there is any hint of the fact that you've been using this stuff for more than a few days, suddenly you are drug seeking.

I don't know what the solution is, well, other than some new good pain management drugs that are non-addictive, wouldn't that be nice!! For me, I've gotten some relief from drugs that target neuropathy, but I worry with every twinge that when my back goes out next, I'll be back on that hydro treadmill.

P.S. I looked up the info on a well-known internet drugstore about oxycontin, percocet and fentanyl. Huge addiction warning after oxycontin, nothing at all about dependence/addiction for percocet (same ingredient as oxycontin), nothing for fentanyl.
I am sorry to read the story that started this post. I am recovering from a 1 year binge on percocet. Other than the 1st 2 weeks....NONE were prescribed to me. I have a friend that just started treatment for Oxy abuse.... and the really nice kid who used to come and do my yard work...died last year by putting a morphine patch on his tongue.

I got a LOT of my per scrips from the same people....who have several doctors writing scips for them for pain killers!!

How does this happen...

Lets all think now guys and girls...... money ?

Same as this half *** war that our poor military people are in...

Same as the cigarette business still cranking out the # 1 consumable product in the world ( that is labeled as a cancer causing, birth defect, heart condition..etc )

Same as the doctors with their free lunches and Pharmaceutical companies cranking out the pills for your insurance company to pay for....

It comes down to money..which drives greed...which in turn..needs more money.