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Sat October 29 at 4am I was not able to sleep due to a pain in my back and chest on the right side just below my ribs. I went without sleep until Monday afternoon and after trying everything (800mg ibuprofen without any effect, heating pads, back pain meds, applying pressure on my back with a ball, etc.) I finally went to urgent care. I was sent to the ER around 5:30 Monday evening. I had my gallbladder removed Tuesday morning. It was very inflammed and infected and included two gallstones an inch wide. Wahooo! I am finally getting somewhere and feeling a little better. :bouncing:
However, the doctor at urgent care did an xray and saw calcification on my ribs which isn't typical for a 30 year old. That will be the next thing for me to deal with. Of course, I missed my endocrinologist appointment on Wednesday since I didn't get released from the hospital until Thursday afternoon. I have to reschedule that one today.
Anyhow, I'm happy to say that I'm now gallbladderless and will no longer have to endure the back/chest pain I've had for at least six years now.
The doctor was very concerned with my weight loss. I went from 149 to 138 since August (according to their records). I have my followup with the surgeon next Monday so I'm hoping to learn more then. I was pretty out of it (thanks to Morphine) when he talked to me in the hospital so I'm hoping he'll have some answers for me next week.
I hope everyone is doing great.
Take care,