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Hi all ... Mom is now on Hospice. They have removed her IV and will be giving her morphine to keep her comfortable -- that is all. I am guessing maybe 10 days ... I am glad I saw her last night and she asked for Kisses and said I love you ... Im here at work for what it is worth since we do not get berevement leave .. you have to use vacation so Im saving my time so that I can be with her nearer the end and then to accompany her to NY for her burial. GOD this sucks. Its been a long and tiring road but I know that soon she will be with my Dad and my GOOD brother and in a better place. I am still going to go forward and see if I can become my mother's guardian in the limited amount of time she has left - I just dont' trust that I will get a call in time and told the SOB guardian just that ! At least I found a physician's directive which put a stop to his insisting on a feeding tube ... I dug and dug through all my legal files and found one from 2000 --- I am sure I will be back tomorrow with a much heavier heart as each day passes.