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Hi everyone,

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it from Bill. He took E and J to the rehab clinic today and they found Mom up in the rehab gym, WALKING with a walker and very little help from the PT.

He also said she was looking good, and feeling good. and of course happy to see the third child- not having seen her since March.

Perhaps the neurologists' visit was postponed when Mom got the use of her hands back around Monday, or maybe it was still to come, or had been done before they came. Mom didn't know and nobody asked.

Instead of feeling annoyed that Elsie was right, I am incredibly happy for Mom. If she can walk with a walker now, she can probably walk with a cane or two in another couple of weeks and potentially go back to Bill's house.

NOW: he told me last week he is more afraid of her coming home than of her being sick. Meaning, neither he nor his wife want to deal with diapers, having to stay with her all day, not having freedom to go away (he took her with him until her fall, will that still work?) ..

Having a HHA again may help, is however expensive .. round the clock it may come to as much as a NH. But if they only have one for 8 or 10 hours a day and use Mom's money, that will last a few months ....

I am excited about this improvement and hope and pray last weeks' semi paralysis was really all due to the morphine ..and Mom's physical body will come back to normal ... but her AD won't. That is certain .