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B-i-l had his reconnection surgery and surgeon had to remove another foot and a half of the large colon due to more inflammatin and diverticulitis. B-i-l is on morphine, which brings back the dementia in an angry way, but is the only thing that will kill the pain right now. He was so happy yesterday too find his colostomy was revrsed, but of course, he can't have anything pass his lips for three or four days, or it could cause separation of the colon. He is angry tonight, no longer happy about the bag being gone, and I know it was because we didn't get to see him today. He screamed about his pain on the phone and no one cares (even tho he had company all day). Being without the Aricept and on morphine - bad combination. Well we will have about two weeks or so before he gets back to his "old" self when he can have his meds again. This is really such a terrible disease. Found out he already is on Lexipro, or was before the surgery. Hope it doesn't give out like it did for your Mom. In the meantime, until healing begins, we just have to turn a deaf ear, I guess.

Thanks for listening.

That is one of the worst ... no, THE worst ... end of life story I have ever heard. The hospital staff was in the wrong. At the end of life no one needs to suffer any pain. She should have had a self service morphine pump giving her as much as she needed to be comfortable. This is inexcusable. Knowing she was terminal, there was no danger of addiction, which is why they dose out pain killers so sparsely.

I don't know what I would have done if it had been my Mom. I think I would have yelled at the nurses until they got a doctor in to prescribe something stronger.

My son in law is an RN and he says this doesn't happen where he works. Even a person expected to recover gets lots of pain meds, no one ever screams out loud for pain. That was barbaric. Soo soorry you had to see that.