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Hello !!

Long lost little ol' me is peeking my head up and saying hello!!

I'm on limited internet at the moment, so I'll make things quick'ish so to speak. More on our adventures later. Just letting you know we're safe and sound.

She who must not be named is a happy little camper in her nursing home. Settled, clean, dry and HAPPY!!

He who must not be named is in palliative care at the moment and on palliative morphine. Looks like we might have a trip back to our old town sooner rather than later ... oh well, it's only petrol ... *sigh*. Timing isn't the best, but who can plan these things eh?

Our trip up was fun and eventful .. more later.

Yes, we're safe.
Yes, we're calming down
Yes, we're happy

This was the best decision we've ever made.

No I'm not working yet. Don't want to .. but soon.

Hugs and love to all