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Hi Karen,

My mother got strung out on Ativan and took it every night to sleep...for years and years! Trouble was she bolted awake at 3 AM...EVERY NIGHT in panic. She never connected the two.

The novelist William Styron lays his MAJOR suicidal depression at the feet of Ativan and documents it in a very tiny book called DARKNESS VISIBLE, a wonderful read for anyone who wants to know what depression feels like.

I gave one of my mother's pills to a friend who was antsy about something. This very easy going guy who seemed never to have a care in the world went into a 4 day tailspin of the deepest depression I've ever seen. From ONE pill.

Ativan (lorazepam)was developed as a "quick hit" benzo because people were still feeling the effects of older agents like valium (diazapam) and librium (chlordiazepoxide) ...and coincidentally LIKING them too much. So they invented this "three hour horror" that eases your anxiety for a teeny bit of time and then brings it back on twelvefold...like being hit by a truck.

I think this drug has probably killed many people through suicide whom we will never know about.

I wouldn't give it to a dog unless he was on his way to be put to sleep!

There's some goofy thinking in the medical-political sphere in the United States that says that if a drug (like valium, phenobarbitol, morphine ) feels good they must be replaced by agents that don't work as well, cost hundreds of times as much, and feel unpleasant!

Puritannical roots perhaps, or just the overwhelming need of Big Pharma to keep us taking things that are still under patent! In any case, we see good drugs being replaced by bad ones.