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Hi Director and thanks for replying !....The driving thing..YES !!!....I will wait til Im almost there and take a half a pill or take a BT pill which is hydrcodone...the TV thing I totally relate to as well...I really start spacing out and my mind will wander ( really WEIRD hazey nod out dream like things)...I really find it hard to believe anyone would actually take this for recreational reasons !! ...But when I am able to take it ' as directed' it works , I think, better than the 180 mg of morphine sulfate I was on...time will tell tho !...and on my bottle my doc wrote as well that I take it ' one-half to one tablet by mouth three times daily chronic pain '....I go back for my month recheck on the 8th ( WED) and I think I might bring up the methaDONE. Is there a price diff ?...I have no insurance anymore so thats why he switched me to begin with