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Hi DeB, It really doesn't sound like you ahave been masively exposed to opiates. Darvecet is weak and it sounds like you didn't manage well with percocet cor sme reason. If it wasn't strongenough it is made in a 7.5 and a 10 mg version, 10 mgs of hydro is equivelent to 5 mgs percocet and you can take 2 and all these are othing outside the relm of normal practice. I guess it would be better to ask what type of reaction you had to Oxy.

There are choices like Dilauid, 2mgs would be like 10 mgs of oxycodone if not stronger, plain ld morphine sulfate comes in 15 mg and 30 mg pills. Post surgry for a lump doesn't seem like much to worry about compared to RA.Of course I wish you the best and benign and completely safe removal, but pain conterlol shouldn't be a problem post op. They usually use patient controlled anesthesia throough an IV if it's major surgery and get you down to a working oral med before discharge.

There are the long acting meds, But you shouldn't really use LA meds for post surgery pain, that will get better and you need to be able to make imediate adjustments with short acting meds. You can always take dilaudid if on top of ercocet if you had too but with LA meds they fear adding untill they see your response to a full cycle of release and your reponse to the dose as it's relieased over an 8-24 hour perriod..

If you talking about needing better pain control for RA, then there isn't much your Rheumy can do that a pain management doc can't do and treat your pain. One of the most profound cases I have seen that showed the benefit of LA meds is a nurse with OA and I watched here arms and hands turn from twisted to the point of both arms being naturaly palm outward to what would look perfectly normal unless you examined her. Long acting opiates were truly a miracle in her case and the freedom from pain had a profound efffect on her hysically and emotionally that couldn't have been achieved an y other way. Remving twisted bone pain is like lifting a tton of bricks of someone that';s carried it for years.

You present meds can certainly be used with opiates, but there are also other avanues to pursue with RA like acupuncure, and some of the homeopathic and Eastern techniques. It's really your life and it's your loss if you don't give something a try. Since I really don't know if your woried about post op pain or RA pain I won't ramble on.

Take care, Dave