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As I read these posts I learn that many of you, like myself, have experience on many different long acting opioids. I have been on OxyContin, MSContin and Meslon, Hydromorph Contin, and the Duragesic Patch.

I wonder if there is any common ground with respect to which works well for everybody or if it just depends on the way the individual handles each drug.

So, if you are willing, please list the pain meds you have tried, including what is the active ingredient if necessary (because different countries have different names for their drugs and different drugs available). Then a short note about how they worked for you. Start with the drug you found best for you and end with whichever was least effective.

Hydromorph Contin: Best for me. I can think straight, doesn't effect sleep or wake cycle, works well for pain.

OxyContin: (OxyCodone) Not bad, but I felt a little confused and had trouble with sleep. Reasonable for pain. Felt somewhat hyper.

MSContin and Meslon: (Morphine) felt confused-difficulty thinking straight sometimes. Problems with sweating. Reasonable for pain.

Duragesic: (Fentanyl Patch) Horrible, frequently in withdrawal, poor pain relief, problems with patch attacking skin.

All of the above have caused severe itching althougth.

I look forward to hearing how others have done on these drugs and Methadone. Unless there is something else available that I don't know about.
I've been on Vicodin 10/325, Tylenol #3, Darvocet, IV morphine at the ER 2X, and am currently on fentanyl. I haven't been on anything else.

Vicodin 10/325 : Worked best for me so far I think, "immeadiate" pain relief but it only lasted for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours and I built up a pretty high tolerence. When the pain was especially bad I would take up to 3 pills every 4 to 6 hours and would have to cut way back when I wasn't in so much pain so I wouldn't run out. I was allowed 6 pills a day so I tried to make it as even as I could but eventually it didn't do the job. When I first started taking it, I did get the "hyperness" but after a while I didn't get it anymore. That part was really beneficial since I am usually ALWAYS tired and fatiged. It was nice to have energy to get stuff done.

Tylenol #3 : worked pretty well, was almost the same as vicodin but I haven't taken it for a few years so I don't remember exactly everything. I did work pretty well for the pain but as with the vicodin I aquired a prettyhigh tolerence to it.

IV morphine at the ER 2X : Did ok with the pain but made me feel like something had taken over my body, a very weird feeling. I didn't like that too much.

Fentanyl : Hmmm, just started taking this med. I don't think I like it much. DOesn't do too much for my pain and I think I start going into withdraw around 36 to 48 hours. It could be all pshycological but I don't think so. I start feeling ill and get a sick feeling in my back. Just feel like warmed over dog poo. Plus I think it is irritating my skin and it doesn't stick very well. Someone meantioned using medical tape but I haven't been to the store yet so I've been using bandaids. It's also kinda annoying whenever you move your arm you feel it. I put it on my chest the first time I used it and that didn't work at all. I'm pretty full chested and anytime I would move I would feel it and that's where I got irritated the most. I do like the convenience of it since you don't have to be attached to a pill bottle.

Darvocet: This medicine sucked. Didn't do anything for the pain for me.
The best I have found to date is Morphine combined with Gabapentin.

I am 39 and have severe osteoarthritis and part of my problem is that my neck is now bone on bone thus unbelievable nerve pain. There were times that I seriously considered shooting myself while I was only on T3's and the oxycontin........ it did nothing but get me addicted. It was so wierd on the Oxy, they made me feel great and I wanted to hug everyone, trust me when I say that is NOT my usual character, but I still had the pain. Very strange feeling. The T3's became candy..... I once went through 360 tabs in 15 days.... my stomach was not appreciative.

You HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE....... read, read, read,..... I found the Gabapentin/morphine study that was done at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada) and discussed it with my Doctor...... the rest is history. I still have bad days and there are days when I vomit early in the a.m. from the Morphine, but the trade-off to me is worth it.
Here's "the list" in order...Darvocet, Tylenol #3 & #4, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Methadone, Oxycontin, and currently on Duragesic & Actiq (both Fentanyl), this is the best for me.