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Hey BB ...have a question for you ...how expensive WITHOUT prescription insurance are patches ? ...My doc has MANY times suggested patches but Im just afraid theyll be up there with even GENERIC morphine sulfate like I was taking. ..I was getting 90 morphine sulfate cr tablets 12 hr 60 mg . ....without insurance they were abt $270 or so( they just went up)...and I also have my 90 hydrocodone 5s at $47.50. SO it was expensive to be able to get something done during the day !.....Last month I asked him to switch me to something cheaper that would work and Im now on methadose. ...90 pills at 25$ a month. Thats kinda a no brainer BUT the nodding off is killing me !....I cant shake the sleepies during the day either. ...Its kinda like it goes in spurts and I get an adrenaline rush and awake and ready to go then BAM...Im crashed and burned..any time anywhere !....

I see my doc WED so maybe Ill change to something else or something !?


Thanks wolfmarket... I appreciate it.. feel better about it.

And I use a CVS pharmacy and the month supply was $89.99. I had a $25 copay and the insurance payed $64.99... so it looks as though its less expensive than your morphine. So far so good with the patch, and I don't think I had to wait for the 24 hours to notice any benefits. It's been about 9 hours now and I can definitely feel it's working.

I haven't noticed any side-effects yet, and I don't feel drowsy at all anymore.

I would inquire about the patch, I've forgot I even had it on. I put it on my upper arm (someone on here had said they put it on their upper arm, and then rotated to the other arm when it was time to put a new one on).
Let me know what you decide choctaw.

Does anyone know about the J&J cover you can get for it... where I could find them? I can't seem to locate that information.