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Opiates cause a release of hystamine and often prevent many people from sleeping. Morphine in particular breaks down into 2 metabolites, the M3G and M6G, the M6G can cause restless leg syndrome and cause twitching and jerking that will prevent you fromgetting a full night sleep or at least feeling rested. The oteher alternatives for slep are anti depressants or to treat the the RLS with one of the Parkinsons med. It's not quite as fun, but should do the job.

I honestly think you lost your doc when you first ask for amphetamines for sleep, by the way Ritalin is an amphetamine too, and in the same breath you want to use the same med for the pick me up to motivate you to do something good for yourself that doesn't come in a capsule or tablet. The only time amphetamines would be considered a sleep aid is after 3 days of binging when your Buzz Krashes.

Better living through modern pharmacolgy, Had you considerd that if you just sucked it up and worked out without amphtamines you would recieve the same benefit, you just have to motivate yourself the first couple days. Perhaps you need to decide if your pain warrants using opiates if you need amphetamines just to do something that you know you would benefit from. Your not saying you hurt too much to excercise, your just not motivated enough. Just how long do you think you will need a speed ball to work up the motivation to go to the gym?

I've seen people fall asleep with a crack pipe in their hand, but it didn't lead me to believe it must have some miraculous sleep aid property I needed to rush out and try :rolleyes:

I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in 6 years. It's just part of living with intractable pain but hasn't effected my sanity enough to ask for amphetmaines for sleep. The ability to rationalize anything is an amazing thing but most sleep aids don't work in 5 minutes even if there was some link between the action of amphetamines and sleep.

When did people start going to the doc with a shopping list of meds to make them feel better rather than asking the doc what he thinks based on his years of experience and education.

Try some plain old benedryl, It's an antihystamine and will likely reverse the hystamine release caused by opiates and allow you to sleep. I can't promise sleep in 5 minutes unless you using Rohipnol and alcohol because no sleep aid is going to work that fast, not even amphetamines.

Good luck with your issues.Dave