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I'm not sure about the Imitrex, but I can tell you that many of us on this board take pain meds that may seem to be alot. One thing I have learned over the years is to forget about the Mg's a person is taking. It really comes down to what works for that person.

I know people that take 500 mg of Morphine daily just to get relief. To some people that may be a lot, but to others its what works. You mentioned he takes Oxycodone on a limited basis. At of all the meds you mentioned, Oxycodone is the the only Narcotic med. I can tell you that on a limited basis is probably ok, if that is what is working for him.

It may be that he is not getting the right relief. Has he tried something like Topamax? It is suppose to reduce the frequency of the migraines and the intensity. You mentioned he is taking 300 mg of Elavil at night. Again to some people, that may be alot. But if that is what it takes to work for him....

I guess is what I am saying is, don't get too caught up on the Mg's. I'm sure many of us could blow you away with what we take monthly/daily. Maybe he should get a second opinion to see if there are other meds or other treatments that may work better for them. There are certain meds that you should not exceed like Tylenol. But pure opiates do not have a ceiling.

Anyway, thats my opinion. Hope he feels better, Take care
Yes he has a Neurologist, but not one that is willing to reevaluate or investigate. At the Medical teaching Hospital were he goes, the Residents that get advanced the quickest are the ones that don’t 'rock the boat'.

Yeah, I've tried to tell him about rebound. He says he can tell the difference.
I know it took me quit awhile befor I could separate the two because for me a rebound was just a continuance of the migraine. It was a lot worse than just an ordinary stress headache, (but mine were not from Imitrex).
He tried morphine and topamax for about a year but didn’t like the side effects and the morphine didn’t do anything but kill the pain and drain his energy.
I'm puzzled as to how to help him. Besides worrying about neuropathy from too much Imitrex, I also worry that his blood pressure will drop too low on the days when he uses the max on his meds and we can't wake him. We also worry because when he does wake up he still gets behind the wheel. Yeah, he's a big boy 6'5", but when he is already on the 300mg nightly of elivil, plus, when his migraines hit he takes two Imitrex injections, and then, the oxy if the Imitrex doesn't work. After that, he becomes incoherent and then he’s out cold and he is still incoherent for awhile when he awakes.

I didn’t want him to go through what I had to go through. And I don’t want him to place himself in danger just to find pain relief. He’s still going through the stage where he thinks the pain is supposed to be gone completely. To me, that is dangerous.
Any hints? We don’t have any way to legally talk to his Doctor without my Son blowing his stack (It’s a big stack and neither his Dad nor I can take the volume or stress). We don’t want to ask the Doctor anything. We just feel that she needs to know that her treatment is not working and that he frequently over does it. We are the ones that live with him and threrefor we are the ones that would know. Plus, she needs to know he still gets drunk on weekends while on the meds. The one time I did speak to her, it was because my Son was drinking heavy and staying sick for a couple of days afterwards. This was while he's on meds that were labeled ‘do not drink’. The Doctor said that she was going to tell my Son anything I told her; plus she told me that my Son was the one that needed to tell her that he was drinking while on those meds, not his Mom; plus if I wanted to tell her anything that I needed to put it in writing and give it to my Son and he could give it to her. And that was all befor the privacy laws started. How do we help? I understand that he needs to be responsible for his own actions, but I still feel that his Doctor should know if there is a problem that relates to her treatment for him. If he had a wife, she would be able to give the Doctor information, then why not his Mom and Dad?
He’s stuck here at home with us because he can’t hold down a regular full time job because of too many migraines. His Dad and I only want help him to become independent again.
I feel that my Son’s Doctor could do more to figure out something that does help him get back on his feet.
He has a lot more medical treatment opportunities than I had, back when I was having migraines almost constantly. Back in the 80s, Doctors didn’t really believe in giving out pain relievers much, they always though the pain was psychological. We didn’t have anything like Imitrex, and they only gave me dilantin plus 20 or 30 T#3s every month. And of course they told me to ‘Learn to Live with It’. I stayed in bed a lot…… plus, I ended up on social security disability for seven years befor the almost constant migraines eased off. Only then was I able to learn to live with them.
Now, in the last three years my migraines have increased (ever since my heart surgery). The irony of it all is, this time around, I’ve got all the pain relievers I want but now I can’t take them because of my bad heart. The most I can handle is ½ Relpax. Not much help….

PS: Sorry for long post. I’m using you guys as a sounding board.