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Hey Slippery, It's not that OxyContin doesn't even last 4 hours, It's the dose and the way it works. It has a Dual phasic release, which means a 10 mg pill releases 5 mgs at about 1 hour and the rest at about the 6th hour. The manufacturer compares taking a 10 mg OxyC to taking 5mgs of oxyIR or one percocet every 6 hours. Explaining the med doesn't last more than 4 probably isn't the best way to come across. However there is an exlanation. Basically 5 mgs of oxyCodone every 6 hours just isn't enough, It doesn't get your pain under control from the first release, and by the second it's so out of control you can't tellit released another 5 mgs. If you were taking 2 5mg Vicodin at a time in the past you were getting more opiate.

Aranger is right that they want you n the lowest possible doseand not to expect complete relief, becuse it just can't be maintained. But what's happening with you is called wind up pain, the pain winds up to the point that the second release doesn't make a difference. It taking a 5 mg perc on top helps, than lkely the 20 mg OXyC is the strength yu need. If he's willing to dose TID, you should be K aside from BT pain which I assume he has an opinion on./ I read your earlier post and understand your handle. There is no reason your pain shouldn't be treated, but you do have to be careful,m keep yourself in check and realize all your pain can't bve managed. There is nothing wrong with taking some IBU if it helps and you need it. Just don't over do it.

It's great acupuncture works so well for you and with the help of your practioneer you can probably manage the tolerance many people quickly build to Oxy. Everyone is different but you don't want to get cought in the cycle of your feeling better, so you do more, then you hurt more then you need more. It's easy to do and the consequences may be a little greater when your doc knows your entire med history.

It's only natural to want your old life back and not have to ask for help with things that seem smple. But you do have to modify your lifestyle to adapt to any medical condition that is severe enough to require this kind of medicine.

Titration always sucks anyway. Even high dose patients that have been on opiates for years start low with new meds and new delivery methods. Hoping we haven't achieved complete cross tolerance to a drug we might not have taken before. Even when switching back to my previous med after 8 months on morphine, they started at half the old dose, They saw me every week untill I was functional again. Surprisingly it happened to be the exact dose I was taking prior to switching. :rolleyes:

Do try to be patient and if he gave you enough percocet to make it untill you next apt, use it as prescribed but keep a pain diary as someone else suggested.

It's really not that your new to long acting meds, they do this to us all. I pretty much expect withdrawal everytime I switch meds, But in the long run I know it's worth it. I know my doc will contnue to work with me as long as I don't break the trust we have built. HE also knows I'm not looking to be pain free and am well aware of what the meds can do and what they can't.

Good luck and Hang in there, Dave