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Hey Jon, I haven't seen anyone mention it in a couple years, back then Roxanne was the only manufacturer and they had stopped producing it. The person asking about it had a script they were not able to fill. Perhaps a compounding pharmacy could create you something of adaquate strength. As far as I knwow it came in 2mg pills and possibly 4. THe Orange book shows another manufacturer but It just isn't commonlyused and I doubt any stronger than Roxicodone or an 8mg dilaudid.

It's just a huge leap from 30 mg Roxi to Aqtiq which is why the stuff scares me , There simply isn't anything stronger and what do you do when you become tolerant to the most potent med available for terminal cancer, or the cost becomes prohibitive. Insurance is a buisness and the easist way to save money is to prohibit off label use.
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Compounding may actually be cheaper if you look for a pharmacy that can make high concentration oral solutions. They used 30mg per ml solution of morphine in my pump and can go even higher with more soluable meds like dilaudid or the fents. The dilaudid in my pump is only 20mg per ml but I know they can go higher or use Fentanyl or suffentanyl. Meds compounded for pumps have to be preservative free and water soluable so there realy isn't a reason you couldn't use a similar med as an oral solution. There is OyFast but a stronger version compounded in a larger bottle may be the cheaper way to go.

Good luck, Dave