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Hey krash, For those that don't hav insurance, Meth is by far the cheapest med. I was taking 600mgs of Kadina a day , 200 TID. Before I lost insurnce, the plan I was on changed and I did swtch to generic MSC which dropped the retail price from 1400 a month to 800 a month, but was covered by the plan so it was a 20 dollar copay. However generic or name brand MSC is not a 12 hour med. You would need to dose every 3 hours to maintain a similar serum evel. The change from kadian to LA morphine actuallly went very smooth, but sortly after my wife went back to school and I was cash only whcih meant meth only. Although meth will prevent withdrawal with once a day dosing for addicts, when used for pain you can definitely feel it wearing off in 5-6 hours. The side effects are ver different with methadone but whn you have no finanical choice it will do, I actually used meth for over 2 1/2 years befoirte having the pump implanted.. So you do hasve some choices. You may also want to look into the patient assistance program, TTo qualify you you need to be without any insurance coverage and there is a hhousehold income cap, I really can't recall the amount but it was fairly low. You can look into their patient assistance program at needymeds.com.
As far as prices go, you really have to shop around, Walgreens is the most expensive place I have ever checked a price at and they don't match their competitors, which is crazy. There is a Sams club club directly across the street from the closest walgreens to my house and the price was less than half for every med I needed.

Used car salesman have a bad rep but how a pharmacist can make a senior citizen or anyone have to decide between meds and food when they know all you have to do is cross the street to save hundreds really makes me wonder how those guys sleep at night. Places like Sams, Walmart, Costco, etc. don't rely on huge profits in the pharmacy to keep their doors open, they offer pharmacy services as a courtesy to everyone, you don't even need a membership to use Sams pharmacy. If you don't have a Sams check Walmart, they are pretty much identical in price as they are part of the same company.

Some of the other big chains like Eckerds, Rite aid and CVS will price match but you need to bring them the price and have them verify it, other wise, you get bent over with a smile. :rolleyes:

You should also check prices on all your meds, new higher strength meds are often much more expensive then the older version even when generics hit the market at the same time as the new name brand. For example, you can buy 120 5mg percocet for 1/2 the price as 60 10mg percocet. Same with the new 8mg dilaudid, you can buy twice as many 4mgs tabs as you can 8 mg tabs for half the price. The conveinance of only having to swallow one pill instead of two, doesn't make it worth twice the price to me. You can also save money if your paying cash by getting a 90 day supply vs 30 day if your doc is willing.