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My mother was on pain management for almost 4 years, she recently was released because they did a random pill count and she was 10 short. They made her go through these Drug addiction meetings, AA meetings and all sorts of things and the end result is she has decided not to take the meds anymore. Is it normal for these pain doctors to keep you on these meds for this long? When the meds weren't working they would just increase them or change her to something stronger. I thought pain management was there to control her pain but it at the end made her worse, she could not function in everyday life. I am so glad she has decided not to take them anymore, the only drawback for that is she still has her original problem with pain. Also in the almost 4 years she was in pain management she only saw the doctor once. She always seen a nurse. Wouldn't you think that this doctor that is prescribing her anything from percocet to morphine patches, and oxy would at least see his patient once a year. What do you think? Are your doctors like this? Or did she have a bad doctor?
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wow. I have NEVER had my Doc tell me to bring in my pills! I am treated VERY respectfully! I would feel highly offended if I was treated like a child. Once in a while I bring in my OWN meds because I'm like, "This crap is not working! I need something different!" and my Doc has to take my old pills away before he can give me something new. I once brought in an entire month's worth of Duragesic Patches--except for the ONE I was wearing! Maybe because I have done those things I don't get the pill count. Also, they SAY they may do a urinalysis--it hasn't happened yet. BUT there's nothing to be concerned about there because the only partial opiate I'm taking is Methadone. I understand that lights up completely differently from, say, morphine. So if I had morphine in my system, THEY WOULD KNOW! I'd have to be awfully dumb to do something like that though! If I got booted out of Pain Management--I can just see myself scrounging around for meds? No I don't think so!
Mya[/FONT] :nono:
My current PM Doctor is perfect. We have a good relationship and she has been giving me Morphine for the past 4.5 years. She reserves the right to ask me to bring in my meds, but hasn't yet. I do bring everything up and keep communication open between us so there's no misunderstandings. I did sign a contract, but it happens to state that if I overdo it with meds and run out, I have to live with the shortage for the rest of the prescription period for the med: 3 months for Percocet and 1 for Morphine (Avinza).

What's been worrying me though is I would like to move to Oregon in 2-3 years. I'm afraid that I won't be able to find another doctor that's on the same level as her or that I won't be able to get a Dr that is opiate friendly.