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I had to go to Indianapolis for my surgery. The surgeon was an orthopedic surgeon oncologist. He was great and all he put me on was vicodin. Thre first and second day after surgery I was on a morphine pump, which makes perfect sense for a short period.

I was transported back home to Elkhart to a rehab center on the third day. I wasn't "with it" at all, and hardly remember the ride. I had never been in an ambulance before in my life. At the rehab is where I slipped through the cracks.

I did my physical therapy when I felt better, and my therapist was fantastic, but that's where it ended. I should have been released after the three weeks of therapy, but they kept me three months!! The NP prescribed the patch. My surgeon was waiting for a call, which he put with the paper work, from rehab so he could give them orders of what meds he wanted me on.

I am taking this further because it's also an extended care facility and many of those patients can't speak their minds. Many are confined to bed. They also didn't want me to leave. I walked the halls all day. I learned to dress myself and was no work for them at all. Finally, my hubby told them he was taking me home. He also told them "all she does is walk the halls and take the drugs you give her all day." That's when they released me.

I had to get into see my family Dr. fast because they sent me home with no meds and no scripts for any. When my Dr. saw the patch and how much fentanyl I was on she said, " Lord, I thought they only used that dose on horses. I go see her tomorrow and will let you know what she's going to do. (besides throw a fit) After she sets something up, I go back to see my surgeon. The idea is to get me off these darn patches and on a pain med that will work and I can take as needed....
Thank you for your concern.....Connie :wave: