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Hi JT,you have a few options such as the ms contin with statex for break thru.There is the duragesic patch which is fentynal and has a good reputation.There is also methadone with is a good pain killer and has a long half life so your not taking it every few hours.I'm sure that Shoreline or someone else here will be able to steer you in the right direction.I'm a chronic lumbar pain patient and I'vr tried pretty much everything and up until the last 3 years my tolerance was so bad that nothing was working.I would take 3 000mgs of morphine a day with little result.So I've been on methadone for the last 3 years (been on pain meds for 22 years) and I have to say that for me it's been the best pain killer to date.Also it's difficult to build up a tolerance to methadone.I'm not quite sure why but maybe one of the pro's here can answer that for me.Anyway good luck and have a good day....Dave
Hey Trainer,

Sorry to hear about all the pain problems. Sounds like the military did a number on you.

Oxycodone the drug in OxyContin has a reputation of people building up a tolerance rather quickly. As with any opiate tolerance will always be an issue, however, Oxycodone seems to happen earlier.

Sometimes changing meds completely can change your tolerance of course mixing them up a little (LA and SA) can hit different receptors resulting in better coverage.

You mentioned that you were taking Hydro for BT 7.5 mg. They do make a 10 mg just to let you know. As far as MSContin, technically it is not as strong as Oxycodone. Morphine is actually about 50% weaker than Oxycodone. This does not mean that Morphine won't work on you. Some people get really good relief with Morphine. You just may need a higher dosage. As long as your Dr is not a Dr that gets too caught up on Mg's.

Morphine can be more sedating than Oxycodone. If you are looking to change meds, you may want to look into Kadian. This is Morphine that is released over a 24 hour period, however, it works better if dosed every 12 hours. Kadian has a really smooth delivery system. Unlike the Contins, with Kadian you won't feel it start or stop. You could always go with an Oxycodone based drug (Percocet, Oxy IR) for BT pain. This way you are using two different opiate meds for your pain.

Of course if your Dr is willing, you can always up the OxyContin that you are on as there is no ceiling. Maybe change the BT to 10 mg Hydro.

Anyway, there are many options and combinations. Its all about finding out what will work for you.

Hope you are able to get your pain covered. Take Care
Hey JT, Arranger really said everything I would. From what I recal, you haven't rapidly increased. That's a good thing and the way you have ouour meds dosed is obviously intended to keep dosage down.

There is room for increasing what your with either or both BT med. You do get to a pont where the BT med isn't proportional enough to be effective. The first sign of tolerance is shorter duration and increased pain. If you or your doc are too concerned about mg counts you may not like switching to morphine, it's weaker than oxy for most people by about 50%, so you mg count will go up taking a weaker med.

Methadone is an option becqause it's nunique in many ways, but it dfintely has side efffects that some folks just can't tolerate. If what you were taking was working, and it's been awhile since you had a adjustment, you won't loose your doc for exlaining the same to him. Your not getting th relief you used too. Tell what else your trying and he may have some ideas that you hadn't considered. My wife decreased her dose of morphine 40% by adding Nemanda. It's a med for alzheimers but a potent NMDA receptor blocker. You may have to fight with insurance, but as far as lack of side effects and decreasing her need for opiates. It's been a great med that she can tell when she stops taking but doesn't experience withdrawal, which is a major plus.

Just something o consider. I have also seen arifin wax dip machines like you see in physical therapy. Owning one yourslef has to be great if you don' already. I've picked up a few gadgets and gizmos along the way too. I couldn't live without a theraball. Whatever helps but you do reach a point where you have to stop counting mgs yourself or you will make yoursaelf nuts. Base things on how you feel. IF an increase won't impair you and allow more function, it's not unreasonable and only a crappy doc would discharge you for asking in those circumstances. The worst that should happen is he says no.

Good luck, Dave
Hi,This is just my opinion,but since your taking 100 mg of oxycotin,i don't think ms.cotin would be of any help to you.Before i new anything about pain med. it was my belief that morphine was the strongest med. out there,until i became a chronic pain patient myself.Heck,mg. for mg. I don't think morphine is much stronger than codiene. Have you considered asking your doc. about fentenyl patch? I believe its the strongest pain reliever out there.I tried it a while ago,and it worked great for pain relief,but i broke out with a rash,it was from the adheasive,plus i didn't like how it made me drowsy all the time,so i was switched to oxycotin.I guess i'm one of the few lucky ones,because i've been on the same dose for a while,and they say oxycodone is one of the fastest drugs you build a tolerance to. But,a while back i found that my dose wasn't helping after a while[80 mg 2x a day] So instead of raising the mg,say to 100mg,my doc. had me taking 80 mg tid[3x a day] since then,i've been fine as can be expected. I don't take anything for breakthrough.Good luck,and let us know how you make out.