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Methadone is a viable option but there are also others such as Morphine or Oxycontin. Much of what you may be prescribed really seems to be at the discretion of the physician themselves. Some are fine prescribing one type of medication while not so keen on another. Where I live Oxy has gotten such a bad rap that very few phamacies even carry it and it is even more difficult to find a pharmacy that carries Methadone because they still believe it is used to curb herione addiction. MS Contin seems to be the easiest to find in pharmacies.

Methadone has been reported to be very difficult to stop taking compared to other opiods and is supposed to be dosed down over a period of many months. It's said that some individuals (but I think they may be primarily those who use it for addiction not pain management) need to be on a low dose the remainder of their lives and can never completely stop taking it.

I was on it for a short time, it did help control the pain quite well but I found I had many side effects such as increased anxiety, rapid weight loss (no appetite) and after a few weeks of build up I was sleeping 18 hours a day. Many members here have been quite fortunate in that they do not have the same side effects so you may not either, it might just be a case of body chemistry.

I would discuss the situation with your doctor and perhaps you can both come to a viable solution to help manage your pain with the appropriate medications. I do feel that if you've been on short acting medications for a period of time and have irretractable pain (and it appears you do of course) then a long acting pain medication will serve you much better.

good luck
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I switched from MSContin and MS IR to Methadone about 6 months ago and it has REALLY changed my life! I can honestly say that I have NEVER run out EARLY with my METHADONE. That would have been a miracle with my morphine--even though it was long lasting. Once you get used to chasing the buzz, hey man--I think that's just what you do. With methadone, you just go to sleep if you're not used to your dose. There is NO buzz. Some people talk about a DRUNK feeling when they start. They must have LOW tolerance or something. Also--anykind of dizzy or whatever was not FUN on the Methadone. The other thing is the nausea and headache I'd been having from narcotics is GONE!!!

I'm now at 95mg, and also take Baclofen. My pain control is SO much better--especially nerve pain. There's no reason to be chasing a higher dose.

Hello Everyone,

I take methadone for myotonic muscular dystrophy. It is a great
drug for my type of pain. Methadone is a long-acting drug, however,
it does not have a "controlled" release mechanism that can by compromised
if cut or chewn. Oxycontin etc. are simply short acting (oxycodone morphine etc) drugs that are released at certain times after ingestion. This what makes them "long-acting" Methadone is considered "long-acting" because of its long half-life. I just want to be sure everyone knows that methadone is a long -acting medication. Both Oxycontin and Methadone are considered "long-acting," but for different reasons (control mechanism vs. half-life) I only post this information because I was confused about the topic when I began opioid therapy. My physician had to explain the differences to me. I appreciate the information offered by so many great people. I hope everyone has a nice evening.