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It is so hard to make decisions about our bones, given all the media hype, etc. I am taking Forteo and my decision has been made as I watched my Mom suffer with multiple fractures and pain. She lived to 84 but was in miserable pain, morphine every 4 hours, etc. I took care of her until the end so it had a profound effect on me. I have to say, she did have many fractures when she was younger but did not get really what I would call severely affected by Osteo. until she was around 80. I still saw the misery it can cause and I am close to 50, not through menopause yet and know my future with no medications. Everyone has to make their individual decision and I had a hard time on the biphosphonates, terrible join pain and I know they want to follow up with them after the Forteo so I don't know. Everyone has to make their own decision, everyone does lose bone mass as they age, just at different rates depending on the cause, etc. Good luck to everyone!!