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I keep telling hubby to take a chill pill-heck the whole bottle! :D

He's on Naproxin Sodium, Vicodin and Flexeril. He has a high tolerance for pain but an even higher tolerance for pain medication. He's a recovering alcoholic (18 years) and nothing knocks him out. When he had his hip replacement surgeries (one at 39, the other at 44), he did get pretty loopy with the morphine drip (he was asking for his PURSE!) :D

I worked today and am really very tired. This cough is getting worse, not better. I'm taking Biaxin XL. It looks like I may be going to see a Pulminologist. That's the next step if this Biaxin doesn't clear it up.

I'm back to wearing depends I'm coughing so hard! :o

Sally, to answer your question no I'm not a smoker. I quit about 12 years ago. I still can't figure out what it was I coughed up. :confused: Really weird.

I spoke to my sister today and yesterday. She's having a lot of problems there too. She finally broke down yesterday and told me about her problems. Turns out she went to the doctor the same day I did for the same thing. She's got some more medical problems too so they did a blood test on her to check for various things. I'm no doctor but I'll bet she has hypothyroidism like me. It seems to run in dad's family. Two of dad's siblings have thyroid problems and then there's me with mine.

Anyway, I talked to dad last night. He seems happy as a lark now so I'm happy for him. My sister's FIL calls here from Alabama sometimes to talk to my son. He treats him like his own grandson. Anyway, when J called, he told me that he's been making excuses to get out of the house just so he can go get my dad and take him somewhere. He's says he does that a few times a week. Sometimes they go for coffee or breakfast or they visit people or just ride around through the mountans. He's even taken my dad to Georgia to buy lottery tickets! :)

Time for sleep now. I've relaxed and let go of the guilt. Although I'm still sick, I feel much better mentally than I did a few days ago.

Love, Barb

PS Barbara, it's ok (and easier) to say "ya'll". I say it a lot. Got it from my mom who was from Alabama. Sometimes I say "over yonder" but you'll never hear me say "britches"! :D