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If its prescribed, youre fine. Ive been thru a pee test for employment and I had morphine and hydrocodone scripts. The testing company called me not the employer and told me I had a postitive morphine. I told her, yes I should and explained about my scripts. She asked when the last fill was and the number for my pharmacy..put me on hold and called pharmacy ..came back and said Im ligit and would report a negative to the employer and for me to have a good day.

So if its something like that , youll be fine !!

Hey Nilla,

I wouldn't worry about it. If you are prescribed a medication from your Dr, an employer cannot discriminate because of a medication you take or an illness you have. Unless it interfers with that particular job in a major way. You are protected by the ADA (American Disability Act).

Most of the time employers are looking for recreational drugs like Cocaine, Marijuana, etc. Yes, opiates are checked sometimes, and Morphine will appear as an opiate. But alot of the synthetics (Hydrocodone, Oxycodone) sometimes will not show up on these tests. There is a ton of prescription meds out there. If they were test for every one, you would be pulling off more than one piece of hair.

As long as you have a script, you should be fine. Just bring it or the doctors letter to the lab.

Good luck with the new job. Take Care