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Sorry to hear that you are having surgery. Hopefully they will fix the problem for good.

As far as meds go, you said you take Percocet 10/325. Do you take anything else like a musle relaxer? I have had both cervical and lumbar fusion and for a few weeks after sugery, I had muscle spasms frequently due to the muscles and new cut.

Staying overnight is pretty much the norm for these types of surgeries. It also allows them to find out where your pain level is and manage it with IV/IM meds.

Post-surgery can take some time and it really depends on the person. Some people recover quickly where others like myself didn't because there was already so much damage done. I've had a total of 8 surgeries in the last 2 years trying to fix the first mess.

There are plenty of different meds out there. You mentioned that you have other pain in addition to this cervical problem. If you are in chronic pain, a long acting med may work better for you.

The percocet you take is Oxycodone with Tylenol in it. There is a limit due to the tylenol in it. However, they do make an instant release Oxycodone in several different forms. You can get them from 5mg to 30mg tablets.

There are many types of Long acting meds like Morphine based, Oxycodone based, Fentanyl, Methadone. They usually give a short acting med with it for break through pain. This usually limits the amount of a short acting med (percocet) you have to take.

I was in a brace after surgery to try and help the fusion take. I found that physical therapy and some light massage seemed to work really well. Of course check with your Dr first. Some light exercise is good so that everything doesn't become stiff. I would definantely get some help with the kids for a while. They usually have weight restriction that you can lift for a while

I hope your surgery goes well as does your recovery. Take Care
Hi Vicky! I had a cervical fusion done some years back, and as arranger pointed out, I can only give you my experience, yours may be different. I was given lortab 7.5 before surgery, and post op I had percocet, so that was enough of a jump that my post op pain was well managed. (Until it didnt stop, but thats another story and not relevant here) The neuro also added atavan to take with the percocet, maybe you can go up to oxycontin extended release and add the valium type med which makes an opiate medication stronger. I had surgury pain for about 10 days, but all in all, did well in the hospital, I asked them to remove the morphine pump on the second day and switched to oral meds and did fine, they kept me in hospital for 3 days, but It was over a decade ago, so you may be out the next day. Post surgery you are a priority patient, so if you get home and are having trouble, call and expect an answer that day, If you don't get one, assert yourself, but in my surgical expieriences you will be monitored closely. Best of luck and let us know how it goes! Your Friend, Fabby :wave:

PS: They did give me a collar to wear afterwards, but it was uncomfortable and I admit I ditched it pretty quick, I found that a bath towel, warmed in the microwave and rolled up and placed around my neck was much more comfortable.