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Hey Wolf,

That is a pretty big drop. As you already know, there is a LA Oxycodone called OxyContin. Not sure why the Dr. is telling you that unless he just doesn't want to prescribe it. But he should still tell the truth.

Dr's will commonly lower the dose of a new med by 40-50% while they titrate you to the right dose. 30 mg BID is pretty low coming from 100 mcg patch.

Right on the Kadian website it recommends that if the patient was taking 100 mcg of Fentanyl and switching to any Morphine product the equianalgesic dose would be 315-404 mg daily of Morphine. They suggest that the starting dose of Kadian be 200-240 mg either q12 or q24. Like I said, this is directly from the Kadian website.

Did he keep you on the BT meds? I would be worried about the WD's dropping that low in a dose.

I wish you well. Hope you can get this taken care of. Take Care

I wouldn't advertise to your current Dr that you are getting another opinion. I would also get a copy of your records NOW. I would not wait until after you have a new Dr.

If it was me, if I found a new Dr that was treating me that I liked, I would probably drop the issue with the current Dr. Yes he lied, and its wrong. But if you find a new Dr, then you will be treated right. I guess I just worry about what a Dr could put down in your records. After finding a new Dr, I would leave respectively. I would write a letter thanking him, and cancel the contract and any prescriptions and go on my way. Of course thats my opinion. You just never know when it could come back on you....

Anyway, like BB25 said, I would start looking for another Dr soon. I posted earlier with the conversion from Fentanyl to Morphine. Yours is a big drop.

Hope everything works out for you. Take Care