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I have been on MSC for over a year, same dosage, 30mg but I take mine every 8 hours not 12. Doctors start you out on 12 hours because it's "supposed" to last that long but it doesn't. After a month of every 12 hours and little relief the doctor put me on an 8 hour schedule.

There could be an off chance that your problem itself has gotten worse and not that the medication is not effective. Have you had that checked?

I would suggest you talk to your doctor and let him know the difficultly you are having. He may increase the dosage or the frequency. Youv'e been with the doctor long enough that your request is not an unreasonable one at all. Our bodies do adjust to the levels of Morphine over time and that may be what has happened to you.
Also know that the PM goal is never 100% relief, most shoot for anywhere between 50-80% reduction in pain.