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Hey Ruko, Lomg time no see. 40-60 mgs will prevent experiencing withdrawal even on a cold switch with no cross over taper. From there it's just a matter of finding the right dose for you. It does take at least 5 days for you to reach max serum level so although you may be uncomfortable the first day, by the 5th, you have a level almost twice what a single dose would produce. The reason meth isn't commonly used for post op pain or acute injuries is because meth produces the widest response off all the opiates. If you converted 10 people from the dose you're on, you would likely end up with 10 diffrent final doses. There is no reason you can't continue to use BT meds with methadone, some docs are under the impression that meth acts like an antagonist towards other opiates, that's really not how it works though, the only thing it would do is remove the buzz from another drug. People using meth maint for addiction end up wasting heir money or taking dangerously high doses of heroin or their opiate of choice to try to achieve the feeling the old opiate would produce prior to taking meth. Basically it blocks the buzz but not additional anelgesic effects from other opiates or BT meds.

It's pretty much like titrating any new med you haven't been exposed too, docs tend to start oin the low side and work towards functional relief with tolerable side effects. The nice thing about mth is you don' see the ever increasing tolerance you see more often with OxyC. Some folks ca tolerate the side effects and some can't, so it's just trial and error. I hope it works but you can't rush it and you don't want to give up on it too quickly if you not getting relief. The dose can be adjusted, they just normally take a little more time between dose increases to allow your serum level to build up because of the long half life.

I've switched back and forth between morphine and meth and the final conversion always worked out to be 5:1 meth being stronger. Obviously you can't use the same ratio on everyone but even if he starts you at 30 mgs a day, any withdrawal you might fear would be very minimal and likely deminsih by the 5th day.

Good luck, Dave