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I really feel for you Mrsaa, especially when it comes to talking to nuerosurgeons, they seem to have this ego or air about themselves because there are so few of them compared to other types of doctors. It would probably be in your best interest to seek out a second opinoin regarding the surgery. I can tell you that after my surgery for spurs my pain was nearly 100% gone and remained gone until I had gotten into a car accident. I still believe had the accident not occured I'd most likely be fairly pain free in that region.

And another thing (I love to rant about MRI's) MRI's are not always accurate. I've had ones where I've had a 1" spur that never appeared, doctor went in thinking he was going to fix a very small rotator cuff tear only to find a huge 1" spur tearing into my muscles. He was actually quite amazed and even kept the spur. This wasn't the first time that MRI's have been incorrect for me, I've had a missing acl that never showed up and spurs in my neck that were actually crushing my root nerves and endangering my spinal cord that were never detected until surgery. It showed slight impingement but when they operated it was a completely different story. I have heard that same sort of stories from other individuals. MRI's are more geared at soft tissue and not actually bone.

They (MRI's) are a great diagnostic tool, but not always 100% accurate when it comes to actual boney growths or spurs. So I guess what I'm saying is just because your surgeon dismissed you with his arrogant attitude doesn't mean that the problem is not more serious than it is. I would really see a different doctor and get a second opinion, it isn't going to hurt to do so.

One thing that you might try if you haven't, and granted it doesn't work for everyone, but ask about Lidoderm patches. I wear mine 22 hours a day (per dr.'s orders) and I do find it does help a lot when it comes to the muscles and nerve pain and mildly when it comes to the bone pain. Some folks do have good luck with them so it is a viable option to help you get some relief. Oftentimes PM's do have samples so you don't have to incur the cost of trying the patch which is expensive, but when it works, it's well worth it's cost.

Like you Oxy made me really sick even after my body "adjusted" to it over a period of months, namebrand or generic didn't make a difference, it was the actual compound not the fillers that my stomache didn't like. Perhaps your doctor would be willing to instead try morphine, which may be as harsh, or perhaps methadone which has a much smoother release and is less harsh on the stomache.

All in all there are other options for you, you just need to be assertive in getting the treatment you deserve. And as we usually tell some individuals, if all else fails, find a new PM. It does appear however, that your doctor is trying a few things, ie the block (didn't work for me but does work for some and I wish you much success) and then proceeding with a mylogram to hopefully determine what's going on.

wishing you the very best
Kissa...sounds like me and you are pretty much the same ...well in a sense...I wear the strangler ( brace/collar) when Ive had enough, dont really want another level done and not quite there for it yet( well from last MRI in late 04 I think)...and just get along as well as I can on my meds....which I need to up but the meth makes me SO sleepy !!...( no insurance anymore so had to swith from high dollar morphine sulfate 160mgs a day to extremely affordavle meth 30 mgs a day and both with hydrocodone for BT)....my doc gave me some of those lidaderm things and they did nada for me.....{{{sigh}}} oh well ! ...... life could be a whole heck of alot worse !!