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Sorry Allen. There is also the posibility you could experience some differencial withdrawal going from Fentanyl to morphine even at an equianelgesic dose. Fent binds to alot more Kappa receptors than morphine so you don't get every property that fentanyl has, at least not the same proportion of different receptors. Demerl has alot of Kappa activity but you know the deal with it. It's the same when you switch from methadone. Other opiates don't have all it's properties.

Sorry to hear your hurting and as soon as you can function start looking into alternative PM docs. It just doesn't make sense to be using a stronger BT med than your base and not adjusting the base dose acordingly. If you can tolerate 30 mgs of roxi, you can tolerate 100 mgs of MSC or Kadian 3 times a day, and the roxi would be a 45% increase. which would be simlar to 100ugh patch.

I know we have talked about starting low and I'm sure you read that when they started me aon the pump they tarted low, 2mgs of morphine a day. 6 months of titration later I was comfortable at 12mgs a day. 6 times the starting dose. The difference is I knew my doc would continue to work with me untill we reached max possible function, 50% pain control and tolerable side ffects.

I guess they really do hope for some kind of miracle from a holiday or the power of the plecebo effect and telling you this is very potent medication and very different from MSC.
Good luck, Dave