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There's really no in between the two. It's my understanding that the Oxy is just a long acting form of the hydro without the APAP. What dosage did your doctor put you on and how frequently do you take it?
When most folks have problems with oxy they tend to go with MS Contin, or morphine. Both meds can take a bit to adjust to at first but once you do you're fine.
Hey MS,

From Hydro to Oxy, there is not much in between. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Morphine. If you look at a an equianalgesic chart, you will see that Oxycodone is approximately 1.5 x stronger than Morphine Mg to Mg. Some people think that Morphine is the strongest drug out, however, that is untrue.

However, Hydrocodone (lortab) is about equal with Morphine mg to mg. Morphine may be slightly stronger but not by much.

The only other suggestion that I would have is to compound. Your Dr could write you a script to have Hydrocodone compunded. This is where they can make a stronger hydrocodone (more than 10 mg) and put as much or little of Tylenol (apap) in it as the Dr wants. So they if you are currently taking 3 10mg tabs at a time, the dr could write it for 30/100. This way you are getting 30 mg of hydro and only 100mg of tylenol.

Take Care