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It varies from person to person. Hydromorphone is the generic name for Dilaudid and is a synthetic morphine. Regular hydromorphone is a SA agent where as Kadian is a LA agent. So, unless you are looking at a LA hydromorphone, you would not want to switch. For some people, hydromorphone works better than morphine. If the Kadian is working, I would stick with it. If it is not working well, it might be worth a try to switch to a LA hydromorphone.
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Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is quite a bit stronger than Morphine (Kadian). Many times someone will take Kadian as there LA med and have dilaudid as a BT med. However, Dilaudid in pill form does not seem to work even close to what the injectable form in the hospital does.

Kadian probably has one of the best delivery systems for Morphine out, in my opinion. Its very smooth without the ups and downs. Dilaudid is going to be a SA med if you live in the US. We did have Palladone for a short time which was LA hydromorphone. However, it was pulled from the market rather quickly.

One thing to remember though, everyone reacts differently to meds. For me, dilaudid works best for me after surgery in the hospital. But not in pill form.

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