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Hi Honda, Everyone reponds differently to each med but docs do use conversion tables that may varryquite a bit. The idea is to get you in the ball park safely when convertng meds.

Morphine is the gold standard to which others are compared. Oxy is 1:1 to morphine or 1:1.5, oxty being stronger. I agree with the it being 1.5 times stronger but would never argue with a doc. Hydromorphone is 5-8 times stronger than morphine depending which chart you look at when you compare mg to mg. So the mg strength of the oxycontin determines which is stronger.

They are completely different drugs, one being long acting and delvering half the dose at 1 hour and the other at the 6th and dilaudid being short acting single release unless your in Canada. Dilaudid has a long history of IV drug abuse but oxy is just as absuable by a deternmined addict that thinks it safe to up oral meds and all the fillers and binders directly into their blood stream.

It would be nice to know your helping someone in pain rather than someone using info for the wrong reason. I hope we get to know you btter in future posts.Or did miss that one over the weekend. The weekend can be slow as many CP patients try to have a normal life.

Good luck, Dave
Hey Honda, hydromorphone is generic Dilaudid, IV it's very effective for post op pain but I was never impressed with oral dilaudid, it has a short half life which makes 4 hour dosing a long wait.

AS far as the benefit of he 8mg tablet, the only benefit is paying twice as much to only have to swallow one 8mg tab instead of two tiny 4 mg tabs. Even the generic version is twice as expensive as the same ampunt in 4mg tabs and that's just because it's a newly available dose. If you happen to pay cash, you might want to look into the cost difference between using two 4mg tabs Vs one 8mg. But 8 mgs is in the neighborhood of 50-60 mgs of oral morphine or 35-40 mgs of Oxycodone. She would need to take the 80 mg OxyContin tablets to produce what 40 mgs of short acting oxycodone produces. It's a healthy dose for a tolerant patient. Physical dependence can occur quickly but not knowing any details it's hard to comment more about what we don't know.

It's not like people go to the doctor and requst particlur meds other than for financial reasons, paricularly dilaudid and oxycontin. That's why your post sounded strange. If you had simply asked about the strength of the tabs because your girlfriend was prescribed them, peple won't wonder what's really going on. Personally I don't want to be the advisor to someone abusing meds, so giving more info about the scenario gives folks a better sense of where you're coming from. It's just a courtesy thing that might get you more responses.

Are the new meds helping her? THe way the med is delivered makes a big difference, If she had IV dilauid after back surgery it may have worked great, I have dilauid in an intrathecal pump and it works well with minimal side effects, but as far as an oral med , It wouldn't be a top choice for me because of the difference in the way it's absorbed/metabolized and reaches opiate receptors. But everyone is different.

Higher doses don't tend to last longer, just more relief for the same amount of time. You might do better cutting them in half and taking 4mgs every 3 hours. That's one of the diffences between LA meds and short acting. You can't cut a LA med like OxyC and get a predictable result. They do make short acting oxy in strengths up to 30 mgs though.
Good luck, Dave