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Vicodin,lortab,are med. usually used for a short period of time,unless used for breakthrough pain. They are not healthy to take over a long period because of the tylonol in them.It could do damage to your liver.If your doc. plans on treating your pain with narcotics,He[she] should consider long acting meds.Such as a low dose of oxycotin,ms. cotin etc. Before i started taking narcotic medication,i didn't know nothing about them.I remember my doc. mentioning morphine,and i was scared of the word MORPHINE. Now i now about narcotic med. and come to find out,morphine isn't that strong,mg for mg,hrdrocodone [vicodin\lortab] i.m.o is stronger than morphine.If your doc. is open minded,he[she] will know that over time,peaple build up a tolerance to any pain med. Goodluck,and let us know how you make out. Mad.