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I am wonderding if anyone else can tell me what thier doctor is charging for filling a 30ML morphine Pump. My doctor that implanted my pump was charged with sexual battery on a patient of his and Fled to SYRIA. I had to be moved to another doctor that is charging nearly 2600.00 for one shot that takes less than 3 minutes to administer. Am I getting overcharged or is this the right fee for this service? BTW anyone considering a pump as a last resort for thier pain and your trial goes well, go for it. My pump has given me back a great deal of my life back as long as I watch what I do. Sitting for extended periods of time really bother me, but if I would do it again, heck yes. I am glad that I had a gas operated pump implanted vs a battery operated pump. Hurtin4sure, Florida
Hi Hurtin,I have a medtronics pump but I would imagine the refill procedure is about the same. Are you paying cash for all servics or do you have any insurance. If you have ever looked at an explanation of benefits you see things the hopital asks 20 bucks for and the insurance pays 82 cents and the hospital writes off the rest. A guess a cash customer would have paid 20 bucks for that 50ml vial of demerol the insurance comapny pays 82 cents for.

I understand there are charges for supplies involved, but some aren't paid for anyway. The kit they use with the larger needle and drape and batadine swabs is completely written off under the medicare plan I have. They may ask for 900 bucks for the morphine but it didn't cost them that and only a cash customer would pay the full tab or be billed the whole tab. I'm sure they would negotiate oif your actually paying this at the time of the visit. It's a whole lot more profitable to get every penny they ask for and get it within 60 days from an insurance co.

With medicare a refill of dilauid or morphine cost me about 40 bucks for the entire itemzed break down, from rechecking the telemetry to the medication and the doc to do it.

They can pretty much charge what they want, the write off for the insurance companies have got to be tax write offs too. But they go for brok e if your paying cah which is absurd.
I just added up an actual bill for a refill and they ask for 925 bucks, medicare paid 129 and I paid 42 dolars. But as a cash customer you have to negotiate something, those numbers are just outragous.

I was panicked that my insurance wouldn't cover Baclofen when they first put it in. The billing dept was telling me it was 900 bucks. When I was talking to my pump doc at the next vist , he said not to worry, it cost them about 15 bucks for up to 500 mcg per vial, I only needed one and he would write it off, if my ins wouldn't cover it. I would assume they asked my insrance for 900 bucks and probably got 40. And people think car salemen are bed for trying to maintain a 15% profit on a new car :rolleyes:

Good luck, I'm hoping your just not familiar with medicare, you can't find out much untill it's done. But if you pay cash for everything, you need to be doing some negotiating. If you don't ask they won't offer. Try negotiating with the doc before the billing dept, you have a relationship with him. When I had mine done he said many medicare patients were switching to a pump because of the cost of meds like Kadian, Duragesic and oxycontin. I couldn't have afforded $1400 a month for oral LA morphine and didn't qualify for any patient asistance plan.

If your not working, there may be a brand name manufacturer of preservative free morphine willing to suplpy the meds. I think Astromorph is brand name preservative free IT morphine.

Good luck, Dave
:) Dave, thanks so much for all of the information that you post on this site. you can tell by your well versed responses to questions and problems posted on this site that you are a true blue communicator. I sincerely appreciate your time and dedication to each and everyone that you have helped. I would like to ask you some questions personally, not about my morphine pump, but some regarding oral meds as I am having difficulty with the ones I am taking and looking for answers or recommendations from someone that has knowledge. Do you have any personal contact information available that I may contact you by email. Thanks Jeff hurtin4sure. :wave:

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Dave, I do have Medicare, finally. I waited 3.5 years for my disability to snail through the SS administration. The doctor that is filling my pump is ordering in my refill from a company in Tampa Fl, it contains Morphine(preserved)baclofen and clonadine
Office visit 100.00
Inject spine w/cath 500.00
Nervous System Surgery 400.00
Medical Lab 100.00
Non coring Needle on Style 20.00
Infusion Pump refill Kit 45.00
Morpine Sulfate injection 420.00
Clonidine Hydocloride 510.00
Baclofen 10 mg injection 300.00 Total bill 2395.00
Insurance company allowed 1153.00 for a 2 minute procedure to drain remaining pump content and refill. I waited 3 hours on a tile floor waiting for PM doctor to get to me.