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Hey Jen,

I don't think your Dr is trying to overdose you, LOL. The Avinza (Morphine) just sounds like a large amount because it is much weaker than Fentanyl hence the larger dose.

The conversion your Dr did is accurate. The actual conversion is about 30.8 mcg/hr for Fentanyl for that dose of Morphine. However they don't make a 30 mcg/hr patch. A 50 mcg/hr patch equals approximately 180 mg of morphine daily. So your actually a little on the low side which is normal. You are never going to start out at the top of the equianalgesic chart.

Hope the Avinza works out for you. Take Care
I think ARanger is right on the money. The thing to remeber is that Morphine is generally intially more sedating than some of the other opiates. Almost all the literature suggest you do your best to get past the initial sedation and not give up in a few days because the sedation does deminish with morphine.

You may even find you have to titrate upwards after you get used to the initial drowsiness. There really is no such thing as the perfect opiate, they all have side effects and if the goal is to find one that has none and relieves all your pain, that may be hard to find.

IN general, if your in enough pain to need meds in this class putting up with some side effects is much better than dealing with the pain that got you to the point of needing them. If the side effects are too bothersome, you might want to reconsider your need for meds this strong or lower your expectations of the relief they can give without causing some drowsiness, constipation, nausea or UA retention. It's the price we all pay for relief. No med is designed to take all your pain away and side effects simply come with the territory.

Good luck and nobody is trying to kill you. Dave
I was started on a 30mcg Fentanyl patch in my first PM appt. Then we went to 50 and I had a hard time keeping the patch on: it fell off all the time and I was using all sorts of tapes to hold it, but they didnt work. My skin is oily and extremely dry at the same time :confused:

From there we went to 30mg Avinza, then to 60, then to 90 and now, after having been on the 90 for 3 years, I'm at 120. I still feel the sedating effects of the Morphine - I still feel a 'high' with extreme relaxation and talkitiveness (is that a word?)

When I was first given an opiate I too thought my Dr was starting me on too much. Before her I had only been given 5/325 Percocet by various doctors and I thought Morphine was at the top of the opiate list, so I was scared that I was going to die with my fist dose. Good thing I didn't realize how much stronger Fentanyl is :eek: