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I had my tonsils out at the age of 34. I took off two weeks from work. It's not fun recovery, but kept telling myself it's not like brain or heart surgery. It'll get better. I pretty much drank water and chewed on ice constantly for the first few days. Make sure you've got good pain meds. By about day 3 you'll probably lose your voice for a week or so. Food will taste awful for several weeks. Oh, and your ears will hurt really really bad about day 8. I lost about 10 pounds -- gained it all back when I started eating again.

First week you're waking up about every few hours. Your throat gets dried up, so drink lots of water whenever you can. I pretty much lounged in bed and dozed, read magazines, watched bad tv, dozed... But I really wish I'd had my tonsils yanked a LOT sooner. So if you have your tonsils out right away, you should be fine by the time you go on vacation. I think they suggest at least a two week time off from work, school, etc. because when the scabs start to fall off, you run the risk of bleeding. I never had bleeding problems. Just hurled a few hours after surgery from the morphine.